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All you should know about free tiktok followers

When it comes to followers on any platform, getting them always poses to be the hard part. Keeping them can be managed because very few people take time to unfollow people unless they get to that point where they feel like the need to reduce the people they are following, and then they start looking for those that don’t engage them, and that is the end of you. So if you need a good number of followers, look for nothing more. If you want more followers, then you need to work hard and find the options and that is not tough to do. There are many people who are very confused and are really looking for some way of getting a big number of followers and for that, they are ready to do anything. Well if you plan well, this is not tough and there are lots of people who have got lots of fame on this website and are enjoying there time and you could be one of them. So what do you do to enjoy your time, well that’s not tough to answer? You need to make something that is liked by one and all and once you do that then more people will start liking you and you will start getting lots of attention and that is your main goal and makes it much easier for you.

However, the focus here is on getting them in the first place because this is more difficult. You can think of followers like getting and keeping friends. If you probably don’t expose yourself or talk to people, chances are that you would have very few friends. Yet if you do, chances are you would be called Mr popular. Every Mr popular is always active and jovial.

How do you become Mr Popular on Tiktok?

If you want to get to that status fast, then you can decide to get free tiktok followers. These followers can be added to your account in less than 60 minutes, and there is no limit to the number of followers that you can generate. It is entirely up to you. Getting followers this way has made it possible for you to have real people following your account, who can see what you do and interact with you. Keep in mind it is not very tough to get a huge number of followers, on this website only thing is you should know how to. Once you understand the system well, then things become much easier and you will not have a problem at all. There are many people who are very confused and do not know what they should be doing to increase the count of followers, well it is simple that you need to have something unique and once you do that then things become much easier for you and you can really enjoy your time then. There are many good options on the internet, but this is something catching up fast, and lots of people are there on this amazing social networking website and that makes it very popular and people from all age groups are here and enjoying there time and sharing different thing, which gets them lots of fame and they love all the attention they get, you cannot ask for anything more.

Get more people by getting more people on Tiktok

Yes, you heard me right; you can get free tiktok followers so that you can get more people following you faster. This works absolutely because people have been observed to go with the crowd. There are many people that would follow you because you are now popular and you have a large following. Without this, they would never follow you, because they might feel you have nothing relevant to offer.

Once you get free tiktok followers you would observe how easy it is for people to follow your account. It is just like real life, people would just love because they see that others do. Once you have gotten your following, you would see how easy it is to keep them and grow them.

Keeping your followers

When it comes to keeping your followers, this is where consistent posting comes in; so that you can keep engaging them and helping them see relevant content on your tiktok account. With this free tiktok following tool, it is so easy to advertise products, share your music video, talk about stuff and grow your popularity and influence on the platform. You would surely love the number of followers, you have to increase and for that, you will need to come up with new things which people find interesting and that is not tough you can get this done in quick time and enjoy it. With so many new things coming up on the internet, if something is catching up, then it is really very unique and liked by one and all. You will really enjoy making use of this website and enjoy the time you spend here

Getting tiktok followers has been made very easy and can be a source of revenue, fame, influence and much more, just as you want it to be. Tiktok poses to be one of the most used social media of recent times. Investing your time on the platform gives more resource to play with when it comes to goals you want to achieve in the online community. So what are you waiting for? Just make use of this amazing website and you can really enjoy every minute of it. Once you do that then things will be very fun. Everyone knows that as a tiktoker, you want lots of fame and that only happens if you get more fans or followers and if you want that then you need to do something that will give you really like and people should enjoy. there is lots of information on the internet about how you should be doing it and becoming very famous and once you do that then there is not stopping.

How to turn the regular meal into an aphrodisiac meal

Non –stop meetings and continuous work makes life hectic. It is tightly packed that one finds it very difficult to spend time for his own self. His stressed body is too weak to demand sexual desires.

He is busy all the time unable to take care of himself. In such a tiring week schedule, it is easier to make the meal aphrodisiac. To learn about aphrodisiac foods and their benefits visit

Here are some easy ways to add the aphrodisiacs to the regular meal


  • Figs can be added to morning smoothies.
  • Figs are filled with amino acids. Amino acids are essential to produce nitric oxide that increases blood flow to all the organs including the pelvic region.
  • Increased Flow of blood to the sex organs is very important to arouse sexual desires in a person
  • One can make a banana milk shake, add honey and fig to get the perfect aphrodisiac drink


  • Chop the garlic finely and toss them to any vegetable fry and cook it for 5 minutes. This will kill the raw smell of the garlic that is hated by many. Adding just 2 or 3 cloves of garlic will not even change the flavour.
  • Garlic is highly aphrodisiac. It increases the blood circulation. It increases the production of the enzyme synthase. Synthase is responsible for production of estrogens.


  • Add any edible spinach to the hamburger.
  • The leafy vegetables are highly rich in magnesium. Magnesium relaxes the arteries that carry pure blood to all parts of the body. Therefore the pure blood to the genitals increases
  • Hormone production throughout the body increases. The serotonin that is responsible for the happiness of the person increases. Dopamine in brain increases. Increased pure blood to the genitals increases the levels of testosterone that arouses libido.
  • Above all, Magnesium calms the body which is very essential for the body to increase its sexual desires


  • Garnish salads with walnuts, pista, badam and other nuts.
  • The nuts, especially walnuts are rich in omega – 3 fatty acids. This increases heart functions.
  • A good heart function is highly important to have healthy sexual desires. This is because as the libido increases in human body, the heart rate increases. If the heart is weak, it might demand more energy reducing the energy to be spent on the genitals. This will tend to reduce the sexual desires.
  • Walnuts are anti – depressants which will enhance the mood when taken regularly.


  • Add basil leaves to the meat
  • Basils are anti – inflammatory in nature. This helps to increase blood circulation that helps to keep the energy supplied to the pelvic region high. This condition of high energy is mandatory for an increased libido or sexual desire


  • Chillies can be added to omelette, tacos, etc
  • They help to increase the production of endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones that are associated with orgasms. These hormones are secreted in the brain. They increase the reception of the organs of the body. Therefore when the brain feels the sensations of sexual arousal, the reception of the genitals increases. In other ways simply the sexual desire increases.
  • People who cannot focus at the time of intercourse should increase the frequency of having spicy foods.


  • Dip chicken fingers in honey
  • Honey increases sexual desires. It increases the testosterone levels in both men and women.
  • Apart from adding honey to daily recipes one can also have it with roses. This is because roses arouse libido greatly. Dip some rose petals in a bottle of honey for 2 to 3 days. Have a spoon every day.

Pomegranate seeds

  • One can add pomegranate seeds to rice.
  • Pomegranates are filled with anti oxidants. This helps to increase the blood flow to all parts of the body including the genitals. Increase in blood flow increases the energy to the genitals. This increases libido.
  • Add half a cup of pomegranate seeds to one cup of rice to have good results.
  • It also works well with the quinoa grains

Add vanilla essence

  • One can add a drop of vanilla essence to their coffee.
  • The pleasant sweetening scent of vanilla calms the body, refreshes and also helps to stimulate sexually
  • Coffee is also an energy booster making it an ideal libido enhancer. It stimulates the central nervous system that ends at the pelvic region.


  • Have oysters frequently. They help to increase the production of testosterone in both men and women.
  • This is mainly because they are rich in zinc, amino acids. This helps to boost the production of serotonin that increases the happiness of the person.
  • The serotonin also helps to increase the pleasure responses of the nerves in the body. It not only helps to content the body with sexual desires but also completes its sleep, fills its appetite.


  • The caviars can be used as toppings on omelette.
  • Caviars are the fish eggs that increase the libido.
  • As it is rich in zinc and protein, it helps to increase the blood flow to the pelvic region.

Above all, add chocolates as desert every day. The cocoa in chocolates is rich in aphrodisiac.

To learn more about the aphrodisiacs and their benefits visit my aphrodisiac website.

Relevance of Low Carb Diet on People’s Health

Low carb diet has been presumed by many people that it increases body fat and cholesterol leading to more risk of heart disease. That is not true because the low carb diet is meant to give the body necessary nutrients important enough to make people grow and live healthy. As you order ks, be sure it is low carb because it will reduce your calorie intake. Taking less fats reduces calories in your body so stored fats will be broken in your body to reduce weight and keep you in excellent shape and physical form.

Low Carb Diet Reduces Appetite

Appetite is nice but if it is in excess, it is not good. If your appetite if high, you will eat most foods that come your way some of which may even add more calories leading to a lot of weight gain. As you take a low carb diet, appetite is optimized and you will be able to eat appropriately without adding excess calories to your body. Take foods only when you are hungry not when your body desires to eat food.

Helps in Reducing Weight and Keeping Your Body Fit

If you are wondering how low carb diet can make you lose weight, you need to know this is food that offers you lots of fats and proteins but very little carbohydrates. This means you will have no excess calories so your body will embark on breaking down fats and keeping you fit and perfect. It is therefore nice because it does not precipitate weight like many other kinds of foods do.

Very Effective in Keeping Your Tummy Free From Fats

Fats are stored in the body in two different forms, one is visceral fats while other one is stored in subcutaneous tissue. Visceral fat is the one which is stored in blood and this one can combine with cholesterol to form occlusion on blood vessels. Other subcutaneous is normally stored around the abdomen so the body normally turns to these kind of fats whenever there is no calories in the body. If you take low carb diet, you will see your tummy reducing and even you becoming flexible easily.

Triglycerides is the fat that is stored in your blood vessels or blood. It will also be immensely broken down leaving you with little to no fat content. Any time you take carb for like three days, your body starts breaking down the triglycerides and you reduce risk of hypertension, blood sugar and obesity.

Increases Nice Type of Cholesterol HDL

LDL is known to be bad type of cholesterol because it mixes in blood and occupies blood vessels but HDL is separate from your blood and leaves your blood to circulate freely. The chances of heart disease is therefore reduced and you can live healthy life knowing no heart attack, hypertension or vascular stenosis can occur due to the food you eat. Eating such foods is therefore encouraged especially ks low carb diets.

Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

An increase in calorie intake leads to an increase in secretion in insulin. This is because your body responds in manner that if blood sugar is plenty, then insulin should also be plenty to make sure there is sufficient breakdown. Low carb diet does not contain a lot of calories so your blood will have a moderate amount of calories. This means insulin production will not be that intense so you will always reduce the risk of diabetes. Low carb diet gives your body fats which the body will breakdown to form calories.

Reduce Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome refers to a condition in which your body is at risk of developing conditions like diabetes, elevated triglycerides, kidney problems, FBS elevated and many other endocrine problems. Such a syndrome could cause you a lot of problems simply because of the food you eat. Low carb diet gives your body all the benefits it needs so that you reduce occurrence of such risks. Every time you eat a low carb diet, you increase your health standards because you don’t overload your body system with unnecessary kind of foods that could be harmful to your health.

Improves Brain Functioning

Sugars are good for your brain but if they are in excess, they can also affect your brain. As you eat low carb from ks, your body tress levels are always down so it means you don’t consume a lot of glucose in thinking. You end up feeling pretty nice because whenever your brain needs, fats are broken down. Diet is known to reduce seizure disorder occurrence and it also increase brain sharpness even at times when your body is deprived of food for some hours. More studies are being done to check if these meals are perfect in reducing Parkinson’s disease or not.


Low carb diet is always a perfect meal you need to take especially if you know you are prone to obesity and hypertension. Make it a habit and avoid high calorie diets since they could end up increasing your fat levels and increase LDL in your body. Exercising should also be part of your daily plans to get rid of excess calories and fats from your body. Once you know how to control your appetite, it becomes easy for you to control your weight. If you are obese, you need to know it takes time before you can obtain a normal BMI so keep your objectives simple so that you don’t stress yourself.

What Makes Invisalign Better Than Traditional Braces

Invisalign and traditional wire braces are two different treatment plans, but the result these provide is the same, straightening and beautifying your teeth.

Which is better: Invisalign or Traditional Braces

There are many reasons why invisalign is better than braces, and to name some of them, check below:

  • Invisalign is invisible

The top reason why people choose this than the traditional wire braces is that no one can know they are straightening their teeth than themselves and their dentist, and their families and friends, in case they share them. During the process of straightening your teeth, having metals all around your mouth would not be the most pleasing to see.

  • Invisalign is highly comfortable

Although you will feel discomfort at first wearing invisalign, you will get used to it and forget that you are wearing it after some time. Compared to braces, this causes lesser to no abrasions and since you will remove it while eating, you will not have a hard time eating any kind of food you prefer to eat. Traditional braces would limit your from eating food, as it causes pain.

  • Invisalign can be removed anytime

You can remove your aligners when eating and doing your dental care rituals, hence giving you the freedom to enjoy and do things you were doing back before you decide improving and straightening your teeth. Traditional wire braces are fixed, hence you have no choice but to bear the pain when eating and carry on with the hard dental care, which you may not know if you are doing properly and right.

Meanwhile, there are reasons why some people are left without a choice but to choose traditional wired braces than invisalign, and to give you some of them, check below:

  • Lack of funds to pay invisalign. Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces, hence those who do not have enough money to spend are left without a choice but to go with the latter to straighten their teeth. Although, there is no harm asking if the invisalign midtown the clinic offers has available promos
  • Some severe cases call for traditional wire braces like harsh overcrowding. You may consult your dentist to know possibility of invisalign
  • Lifestyle choices. Heavy smoker, and coffee and red wine drinker who cannot stop or limit themselves from such may choose to suffer from traditional wired braces instead. Smoking, red wine and coffee may stain both the aligners and the adhesives as well

Maximizing the result of your invisalign

Just like to any procedures, you have to be responsible to maximize the result of invisalign midtown.

Here are some of the most important things you do to ensure that this procedure will not disappoint you at all:

  • Commit to the treatment

To get the best result, you must follow instructions all the time. Invisalign aligners should be worn 20 to 22 hours in a day, meaning you should wear them while you are out on a date, while sleeping, taking a bath and so on. The only time you can remove them is when you are eating and doing your usual dental care practice. When you remove them for these activities, it is a must that you check on the clock and count the number of minutes or hour/s you remove them, and you should be mindful of not going beyond the 2 to 4 hour mark.

  • Always remember, what you have to remember

To anywhere you go and to any activities you do, make sure you have toothpaste, dental floss and toothbrush in your travel kit or purse. Make it a habit that you brush and floss your teeth after meal and before you put your aligners back. If you do not have the time and place to do it, at least rinse all the food leftovers in your mouth with water before you put your aligners back, and ensure that you brush your teeth and floss once you get the chance.

Always keep in mind that cigarette, tea, coffee and red wines are the worst enemies of your aligners. They will not only cause stains but the sugar and acid contents of these drinks may get trapped in between your teeth and aligners causing tooth decay. Anyway, your aligners should motivate you to stop taking them and not the other way around.

  • Clean your aligners with care

It is necessary that you clean your aligners regularly or before you put them back to your mouth so to speak. There are many suggestions over the internet on how to clean them, but some of them are not the best and ideal way to do it.

There are available kits made specifically to clean aligners, you can choose to invest on them if you want, but the easiest and most effective way to clean them is brushing it using toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush. Start from the inside then out, and voila, you are done.

As long as you follow your dentist’s advice, there is nothing to worry about. All you need to wait for is the result of this life changing procedure. If you have questions, things to clarify and complaints, searching for answers on the internet is not your best option, but your dentist. Keep your dentist’s number always available in your purse, so if you want to know anything about your aligners, you can call him/her immediately.

How to choose the right dab rig for you?

Smoking every day is a more versatile activity with more options and resources. Technology has transcended so much in this sense that we already have electronic devices of all kinds as well as a wide range of products on the market that allow us not only to improve the experiences we already knew, but to make them safer. This is exactly what has happened with the dab rigs and the wide variety that we have in the market today.

A dab rig, or also known as oil rig is an instrument designed for the consumption of substances that are usually obtained in highly concentrated presentation. Inhaling this substance through direct burning is generally a highly invasive process for the organism, apart from the fact that, between the roughness of the method and the exposure of the concentrate, part of its flavors can be intermingled in the environment and not be enjoyed in the correct way.

This piece, usually made of glass (borosilicate) is a set of structures that complement each other and give rise to a truly unique piece; a tool that allows you to get the best of the dissolved tannins and the essential substances through water vapor. The way in which these substances evaporate is different; however, the use of water vapor today is highly recommended in comparison.

Among the advantages you can find if you decide to buy a dab rig, you will find:

  • The price range you have available is very high. There are pieces that do not exceed even 40$ and others that exceed thousands. Each of them will provide the user with different experiences and advantages, however, the greatest benefit of having such a wide range of products is that any person is able to experience the sensation of using a dab rig.
  • There are all kinds of shapes, materials and even colors. Undoubtedly, this market has expanded and diversified for the benefit of all. Rigs can vary in the form of its various components (its nail for example), in the thickness of its material (making it more or less resistant) in its size (generating vapors with greater or lesser concentration) and in form (on it will depend how easy or heavy the inhalation results). This means that, in accordance with the title of this article, it is possible to choose the perfect oil rig for you. There is at least one option that fits your needs and tastes, the important thing is that they are very clear to facilitate the purchase and ensure its success.
  • You will live a new experience. If you have not used the first rig of this type, then it is possible that its use scares you a bit and at the same time it seems totally exciting. As described at the beginning, smoking or inhaling any type of substance, concentrated or not, is different in these times. Technology has had such a broad development that even in an apparently simple activity like this there is no place for monotony.

So, which dab rig should you choose?

Well, with a market as varied as this, you know well that the task of choosing is not at all simple. There are a series of elements that you must take into account, most of them related to your own conceptions and objectives regarding the piece.

To begin with, it is essential that you know your budget and know exactly what you want to reach. The prices are truly a range of possibilities and each one of them will present different kindnesses and disadvantages. If your budget exceeds $50 and even the $100 is good to see pieces of medium-range, where you have some kind of guarantee for the material used.

The economic pieces should not be left aside either; if it is your first experience and you want to experiment and learn, it is not bad that you start in this way, but the opposite. In fact, inexpensive pieces could be essential when building your profile as a dab-rigs-user. From there, you can determine a lot of the essential requirements that you will have to identify in a new piece when you decide to buy a higher quality one.

In the same way, the choice of the piece will go hand in hand with its purpose. Do you already know where you will place your dab rig in your house or did you simply decide that it is better to move it where necessary?

If your case is the first, then a large piece, anatomically ornamented, would work well for you. On the other hand, if your intentions are focused on using a piece that to use anywhere, then it is better to look for a smaller and thicker one, with a simpler design if necessary. These places are usually full of people, and considering that this is about pieces of glass, it is important to look for some quite resistant.

The issues related to the size of the piece are not limited to a question of cost and neither of the place where it will be used. There really is a relationship to consider much more important than the previous ones, and it is the concentration of the vapor. A small piece, without a doubt, will provide you with a different experience, with a much more direct and concentrated steam. This is because its volumetric capacity with respect to water is lower, and therefore, the steam has most of the solute in question, which is the concentrate of your preference.

The opposite occurs with the larger pieces, although in them you can control the amount of water placed and graduate the experience you want to have.

The best way to choose is through trial and error. Therefore, choosing is a question rooted in experience.

Things To Make You Have What it Takes to Solve Riddles

When you use difficult riddles, they will be able to sharpen your mind and ensure that new processes are opened in you. If you make it a habit to practice riddles on a daily basis, it is going to help you in being able to simplify thinking, give you great mind retention, and improve your capabilities of cognitive. Even if you are faced with a riddle which is challenging, it is possible for you to solve it if you put some simple techniques into practice.

Know the Basic Types of Riddles

Even when you are faced with difficult riddles, it is important to remember that, there are two types of riddles: conundrums and enigmas. Both of them are placed in such a way that, it is a dialogue between the one who is going to answer the riddle and the one asking.

  • Conundrums:They are normally posed as questions which incorporate puns in the question, the answer or both. An example is: what are the flowers which are found between the chin and the nose: Answer: Two lips or tulips.
  • Enigmas: Enigmas are normally posed as problems were allegorical, metaphorical, or language associated with that is utilized and it requires experience and creativity in order to answer. An example is: if you look at it after dawn, it is an empty garden, but when the sun sets, it is a flower garden. What is it? The answer is the sky.

Understanding the Rules of the Riddles

In most cases, riddles, even when they are difficult riddles, deal with topics which are familiar. They only become difficult due to the way some of the topics are described. In order to direct you to the answer, the riddles tend to be associated with a certain pattern so that you can get the answer. An example is in a popular riddle: thirty white horses on a red hill, they champ first, then they stamp, then they come to a standstill. It is a riddle which uses familiar ideas, the hills and horses to figuratively direct you to the answer, which is, teeth.

Understand that, riddles might trick you

Riddles can misdirect you as far as the logical association is concerned. The answer to the riddle might be so clear that you will dismiss it at first. In this circumstance, the red herrings are a common form of misdirection through the association in the riddle-like what is in the following riddle: A red man lives in a red house, a blue man lives in a blue house, a green man lives in a greenhouse, who lives in the white house? According to the pattern, the automatic answer is, a white man. But remember that, in this riddle, there is the use of the red herring, the USA president lives in the White House and that is the answer to the riddle.

In a traditional African riddle, you can be asked: How do you eat an elephant? The answer to this riddle is one bite at a time. It is an example of a riddle which is hidden in plain sight.

Sharpening your Analytical Skills For Solving Riddles

To do this you will need to:

  • Solve puzzles on a daily basis

When you solve puzzles on a daily basis, you will need to combine new information from the puzzles with what you already know. Just the way riddles are, the puzzles require you to utilize the context clues and the knowledge you have to be able to come up with an answer, which in most cases, is tricky. The puzzles will assist you in being to learn how to recognize order and puzzle.

There are puzzles such as Tetris, which will require you to look at a situation in various ways in order to come up with the best solution you can. If you can transfer this puzzle solving knowledge to solving riddles, it will help you a great deal.

Specific games and puzzles are the best way which can help you in being able to develop some type of skills. If you can concentrate on working on several puzzles, especially the crosswords, you will become very good at them and thus, not learn too much. You will need to mix various types of games, so that, you are challenged and in the process, learn something which will be able to help you in solving riddles.

  • Ensure that you are alternating your brain games on a regular basis

When you repeat a certain task over and over again, you become an expert and your brain will tend to do less work when performing the same. It is important that you keep on alternating the games which you play if you want your brain to be tough and sharp and which in the process, will help you in sorting out riddles.

  • Try reading and summarizing something complex on a regular basis

You can decide that you will be reading a complex novel or article in a magazine or newspaper and then drafting a short summary which brings with it, all the important ideas using few ideas which are key. This is going to help you in being able to look at the bigger picture and also the details when it comes to solving tough riddles. The more you do that, the more you will become sharper when dealing with the riddles.

How to improve your soccer skills

The modern game of soccer has transcended the days of requiring physicality to dominate a match. Nowadays, players need to possess a number of technical skills to guarantee their team a win against an opponent. If you have been thinking of joining a soccer team or already playing in one, here are five Pro tips on how to get better at soccer.

Kicking the ball

Work on your juggling

Learn to improve the number of times you can juggle the ball. And this has nothing to do with the fancy things you see freestylers do…no, just simple juggling. Make a point of completing 1000 juggles every day. You can use your hand or allow the ball to bounce occasionally to help you get started. Juggling helps to improve your control of the ball and makes your touch smoother. When you are in a game situation, it will be easier for you to control a pass, no matter the level of difficulty, and ensure that you don’t lose the ball unnecessarily.

Goal Keeper

Hit the ball against a wall

Go to any wall you can find and practice shooting the ball against it. Make sure that you repeat this as the ball bounces back to you so that it becomes a cycle. You can up the tempo by increasing the intensity with which you hit the ball and altering the angle at which the ball hits the wall. This may seem like a simple exercise but it actually goes a long way to enhance your passing and ball control abilities. It makes your passing more precise and accurate while improving your agility on the ball. This will ensure that you become a real threat for the opposing team and a valuable asset for your team whenever you go for a soccer tournament.

Ball passing

Practice your turns

There basically six turns that you have to practice: the inside hook, drag back, outside hook, Cruyff, stepover, and stop turn. Practice all these six turns until you master them. You can use props like cones or get a friend to help you out. Ensure you increase the speed of doing these turns gradually as you progressively get the hang of them. Mastering these turns will ensure that you are good at possessing the ball and beating defenders. It will also add some flair to your game and ensure that you are truly playing the “beautiful game” as the Brazilians call it.


Learn some dribbles

There are infinite types of moves you can learn. While some have already been performed and popularized by soccer greats like Maradona, Ronaldinho, and Messi, some come around instinctively during a game. You can try watching old soccer tapes and practice some of the dribbles you see. You don’t have to master all of them; just perfect on three or four moves so that you have a special weapon during a game situation. Ensure that you are able to perform these moves with speed and without necessarily looking at the ball. Remember to also practice them with opposition to see how you will perform in an actual game.

Paulson and Wynalda’s Twitter Scrap Enjoy It While It Last

I get the feeling that Twitter is still a little confusing to individuals used to dealing with more traditional media outlets. The reaction is so instantaneous and I wonder if they all grasp the reach they have and how fast the things they say can spread. Yes they “get” Twitter, but I think they sometimes forget the conversations they engage in are not private. It’s not a text message or an email, it’s wide open blogging in 140 character form.

It’s wonderful for those of us comfortable in the non-traditional media formats because we can catch these moments and over-analyze the crap out of them. It also gives us glimpses in to the minds of people who normally could control their public image to a much greater degree.

What we saw on Friday between Portland Timber’s owner Merritt Paulson and Fox Soccer’s Eric Wynalda was fascinating and something we never would have seen without Twitter.

WPS Suspends Operations: Because We Need to Blame Somebody For This

On its face, the idea of the time between trophy presentation and first kick being an eventful one seems like exactly what a pro sports league would want. For Women’s Professional Soccer, not so much. Sure, there were good moments. The “where will Marta end up this time?” sweepstakes. The bold, and sometimes slightly confusing, trades. The worst-to-first roster revamp in the Bay Area. The splashy player signings. The new owners rolling in from Atlanta to Western NY to Philadelphia. But for every one of those moments came an opposite. As Philadelphia and Atlanta signed up – the latter with a brand new stadium – Los Angeles, and then St. Louis, were bowing out. Western NY rolled in in time for Chicago to suspend operations, FC Gold Pride to close up shop and the Washington Freedom to scramble looking for a new owner. That queasy feeling? It’s just part of life here.

Since 2009 WPS has lived in that place. Every year the league goes tumbling off the cliff. And every year, the parachute opens. Until now. Now there is just falling. The league announced on Monday that it would suspend operations for the 2012 season in order to “address current issues and solidify our business in order to provide appropriate support needed to achieve the League’s long-term goals.” No one knows quite how hard the landing will be. Everyone involved in WPS maintains that this is exactly what they’re calling it, a “suspension.” Everyone maintains that coming back in 2013 is a definite possibility, and something they’ll be working towards. No one is saying “dead,” “over,” “finished.” No one is saying “forever.”

And maybe they’re right. Maybe good intentions and a year away and hard work can bring the thing back. And maybe it will come back and be bigger, faster, stronger. Maybe there’s one of those giant airbags at the bottom and in ten or 15 years we’ll look back at this moment and laugh. A blip in the league’s storied history. We’ll say, “Remember Dan Borislow? and then we’ll ride away in our Jetson’s-style space cars, because damn it, that is what was promised to me for the 21st century when I was in kindergarten in 1987. But for now, what do we do? Our villains were people like Ted Unkel. Hope Solo if you’re a Boston fan. Caroline Seger if you’re Abby Wambach. We can’t blame Ted Unkel for this, although really, that would be fun and kind of cathartic. Our villains now are very real.

In Defense Of Qatar 2022: Could It Be The World’s Best Move

There’s an old Simpsons episode where a supervillain is attempting to take over the world, and after he blows up a bridge near the United Nations, the following conversation ensues inside the UN. “Maybe the bridge collapsed on its own.” “We can’t take that chance.” There are probably more holes in the Qatar bid then there are actual citizens, and most of the stuff they’re planning to do seems like it’s straight from Leonardo DeCaprio in “Inception”. I’m not blind to those quite plain-to-see facts.

But to say that the United States has a better infrastructure? Thanks, Captain Obvious. We know the good old USA and its ginormous cookie-cutter football (de americano) stadiums are more than suited for a World Cup. Of course, they – or their ridiculously large newer equivalents – will be ready for 2026 or 2030 or 2130, too.

You can say soccer is just a game, and it is, but the World Cup – and everything that comes with it has turned into much, much more.


And after the relative success of the 2010 version in South Africa – which was full of questions and worries in the years prior – the coast was clear for FIFA to move further out on their limb. Make no mistake, they’re pretty far out on that branch. Just look at these Qatar stadiums. But there is more at stake than 21st century engineering the world has not seen before. There’s a chance here to make the world one. Yea, yea, it’s ridiculously sentimental and a little hopeful. Sue me.

Incorporating the Middle East into the rest of the world won’t happen with a single soccer tournament. However, it may force the process to speed up a little faster than it might have otherwise. By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about the country of Qatar (population 1.7 million, good for 148th biggest country in the world), and some of it is true.

For instance, Qatar does have an archaic emirate-type government. Like many countries in the region, women are not exactly equal citizens. In fact, if you have a second, Google “Qatar women’s football” and see what you come up with (the ruling Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has three wives, by the way). Quite eye-opening.
A good part of the population of Qatar just works in the country, having come over from other parts of Asia, some of them toiling in conditions that have the attention of human rights activists all over the world, condemning Qatar’s lack of prosecution of things like forced labor.

It’s hard to defend Qatar on this front, except to say that maybe, just maybe this may be the catalyst to fix these things. Qatar did become the first Arab country in the Persian Gulf to give women the right to vote in ‘99 (yes, 1999, not 1899). Al-Thani – who heads the monarchy – has tried to move Qatar into the modern world, and this audacious World Cup bid shows how far he is willing to go.

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