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The Eight Biggest Stadiums In Qatar 2022

The eight biggest stadiums in Qatar 2022

Less and less is missing for the ball to start rolling at the the2022 Qatar World Cup. It will be the first time that a World Cup has been played in the Middle East and the tournament promises to be one of the most ostentatious and modern of all time.

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Football Stadiums With The Largest Capacity In The World

Football stadiums with the largest capacity in the world

How could it be otherwise, the most popular sport in the world is also played in the largest and most impressive stadiums on the planet. With amazing designs and a capacity for at least 86,000 spectators, these fields are located in different parts of the world. Not all of them were built specifically to host soccer matches, but over time they have done so on more than one occasion until it became a custom.

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The Seven Largest Stadiums In The World

The seven largest stadiums in the world

“Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the most difficult thing in the world.” This phrase by Johan Cruyff sums up very well what football means for lovers of the beautiful game. This great mass spectacle would not be the same without the sports venues that host its meetings, which is why today atCivitatiswe want to talk to you about the 7 largest stadiums in the world.

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The 10 Best Football Stadiums In The World

The 10 best football stadiums in the world

What is the best stadium in the world? Excitement, nerves, tickling in the stomach… That’s what we feel when our favorite football team plays a decisive match. If you are a soccer lover and your hair stands on end when you step into a soccer stadium… Join us on our tour of the ten best stadiums in the world!

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Badminton Racket: Which Is The Best In 2022?

Badminton racket: Which is the best in 2022?

Badminton, although it may seem strange to many, is the sixth most practiced sport in the world. It is largely due to its great implantation in Asia, the continent in which it has its origin, specifically in India. At the end of the 19th century, when this country was under British rule, some officials discovered the game and brought it to England.

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