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Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball: Guide to choose the right one and how to use it?

Choosing and selecting the right soccer ball involves knowing some preliminary information about the type of game you are going to play. The offers on the market flock from many parts and among the balls sold online, you will find the cheapest, passing through the new technology for the inner tube.

Guide to buying a good soccer ball

In this short guide, we have marked some points that can indicate how and the characteristics on which to bet before buying a ball. Happy reading and open eyes!


It seems strange but understanding how to choose a good soccer ball involves attention that starts from the inner lining of the object up to the heart itself, which is to the inner tube. Depending on the type of competition and the age of the players, there are specific measures. They range from the first called Skills whose purpose is to accustom the player to coordinate ball and leg management.

Excellent for younger children, it has a maximum conference variable between 46 cm and 51 cm. As we proceed with age, we find the one suitable for children up to eight years of age (size 3), and then rise towards the age of twelve (size 4) and reach the last band represented by size 5. Excellent from thirteen years in su has a circumference between 68 cm and 70 cm. But it’s not just about weight. Bounce and ball control also form an important session in ball design.

Those who practice indoor football activities know it well. A ball with a controlled rebound improves the ball’s management and certain maneuvers’ explosiveness, which is much more difficult if we are talking about a ball for a football match at 11. In that context, it is appropriate to have a sturdy ball, with external seams and a line capable of withstanding powerful shots and long throws with sudden changes in the front.


With the advent of synthetic compounds and the discovery of rubber, greater awareness and technical knowledge have been achieved to create balls. The leather is chosen on deluxe editions or commemorates events while preserving its strengths and weaknesses and the undeniable charm that smacks of the past and clay courts.

The external part of today’s footballs is mainly made of synthetic fabric, with a preference for polyurethane and, as we mentioned a few lines above, for rubber.

The reasons are easily deducible: the strength and elasticity hold up very well to blows and the sphere is much less likely to deform. The type of air chamber in the balloon is important. If you can, find out more about this detail, opting for a reduced butyl type.

This material’s choice proves to be a winner, preserving and preserving the sphericity of the ball for longer and isolating the internal lining with less risk of punctures. Then check that the balloon has a robust and reliable inflation hole suitable for normal pumps dedicated to this purpose. Some models also have double external seams that give greater strength to the whole, while in the more hi-tech ones, these seams give way to a unique structure, with a complete absence of groove and a completely smooth sphere.

Intended use

As we anticipated a few lines above, the best soccer balls of 2020 can have particular characteristics and specifications. It is almost impossible to draw up a universal ranking on which soccer ball to buy. However, it is essential to understand for whom and on which field you will play. Choosing a nice leather ball will be a brilliant idea for a gift to a fan while aiming for a sturdy ball with a durable and reliable inner tube that ensures play and fun for a long time.

The motifs and colors of a team can appear as decorations in the outer covering area, or opt for bright colors and strong colors that give an electrifying air to the ball and allow it to be easily located on the field even in an evening match. Understanding the measures in the best possible way allows you to choose the right and right product for that type of player and those who look only at low prices will sooner or later come across some unpleasant surprises.

In summary, then we can say that the best soccer ball is the one that serves its purpose: light, heavy, with controlled rebound or with seams and textured fabric for better control. Leaving informed will reduce the risk of missing something on the street or taking home an object that is not for you.

How to use a soccer ball?

Once home and inflated, you can start experiencing the pleasure of pulling and playing alone or with friends. We have included some general advice based on common sense for appropriate use and which we believe will be useful to you.

Respect for the object

Being a sphere, it is essential to maintain the round shape over time. A balloon that is too inflated or excessively deflated on one side risks breaking suddenly or not rolling and making plays difficult.

Regulating the pressure according to the reference values ​​indicated is a first step that can extend the balloon’s life. The same goes for those who usually sit with all their weight on the ball, risking to deform it permanently and no longer have a ball to play football with, but something more reminiscent of a rugby ball, slightly oval.

Cleaning from dust and dirt helps the outer fabric remain so over time and store the ball indoors, avoiding leaving it indefinitely in the elements of the sun.

Knowledge of the characteristics of the ball

Having a clear idea about the composition of the ball and the technology that characterizes it is another point on which we want to dwell. If you have chosen a soccer ball made of butyl, you will have a better-protected air chamber with greater resistance to shocks and deformations than classic models.

On the other hand, those who have aimed at a leather football must know that this material has its own particular charm, linked to the material it is made of but which tends to be ruined if it is not treated with the best of intentions.

Keeping the ball clean allows you to better manage the ball during a match, with the colors clearly visible even at long distances. Knowing how many seams a soccer ball has can make lovers of numbers happy while understanding the right pressure to inflate the ball has a different impact on the game on the pitch.


Aiming for an average-priced ball can be the best choice for those looking for an object to play on the lawn with friends and can make an impression on a playing field. For this reason, we invite you to select the sphere carefully, perhaps investing something more first to avoid further expenses later on. Finding the right balance between a commemorative or exhibition sphere and a ball to experience the pleasure of a challenge between friends.

This is the goal we advise you to aim for and that will allow you to enjoy your purchase to the fullest. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if a few euro balloons deform after a month or lose its typical spherical shape. In this sense, investing in a good quality product, with a reliable and recognized brand behind it, seems to us the best way to use your time and the ball you have chosen from the different proposals.

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