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A technical guide on the IP address – How to work with the IP address?

It is a private IP address. It can be manually assigned to any devices in a local network. It is a type of IPv4 address

What is IPv4 addresses?

It is a 32-bit number that identifies a device in a network. It allows 232 addresses. Today it carries more than 94% of the internet traffic.

How is IPv4 different from IPv6?

It is the newer version of the IPv4. It is a 128-bit address identifier. It allows 2128 addresses. It is also called Internet Protocol next generation. It is an alphanumeric unlike IPv4 which is numeric. It has 8 total header fields.

How to change the IP address?

There are several ways to change the IP address. Here is the most popular way

Turn OFF the modem for a few minutes. In many cases this alone will change the IP address of the device.

What are the issues faced with cable network while connecting to IP address

There are several issues associated with the connectivity of the IP address. The following might be the root causes of such problems.

  1. If the lights on the router are not blinking something is wrong with the router power supply. Check if the cables are well connected. Disconnect each cable and connect them back
  2. Check if the network interface is disabled on the computer. How to do this?
    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Select Network and Internet
    3. Open Network and sharing center
    4. On the left pane open select adapter settings. A screen called Network connections open. This is where the network connections are located. It includes every network connectivity Bluetooth, Wi – Fi, virtual, ethernet, etc.
    5. If the connection is disabled one can find a cross symbol on the icon. Right click on the connection and say enable.
  3. Check if the network card is disabled on the computer? How to do this?
    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Select Device manager
    3. Choose network adapters
    4. Select resource tab in the properties dialog box.
    5. Check the conflicting device. If there are no list under this, the source of conflicts is resolved. If not the address of the conflicting card is mentioned, try to resolve it.
    6. On the drivers’ tab, use the enable button.
  4. Check if the network card is disabled on the device manager.
  5. Open command prompt. Check if the IP is connected using ping
    1. Press Windows key + R. The run screen opens. Type cmd. The command prompt opens
    2. Type ping <IP address>. To find the IP address on the command prompt type ipconfig.
    3. If the router does not respond to the command, it means the IP address is being wrongly read. Try to reboot the modem to solve such problems
  6. After reset, if the problem still persists, get the technical manual of the router to find out solutions. It can be obtained by typing the IP address on the address bar of the browser.

Common problems faced

    1. When such an error occurs, it means the site can’t be reached.
    2. To solve this
      1. Check the connection – look for the wires, connection network and electricity
      2. Check the proxy and firewall
        1. Open control panel
        2. Choose Firewall settings under it
        3. Disable the firewall. Having firewall turned ON is safe. However, system sometimes stop access to a network if it encounters any change as a self – defense weapon.
      3. The time out can occur due to the following reasons
        1. When the router is switched OFF
        2. When the LAN connection is disabled – How to enable it?
          1. Open Control Panel
          2. Click on Network and Sharing center
          3. Select Change adapter settings
          4. Right Click on Ethernet and select properties.
          5. Under this check the following from the list
            1. File and Printer sharing for Microsoft networks
            2. Internet Protocol Version 4
            3. Client for Microsoft Networks
            4. Leave the remaining unchecked.
          6. Under authentication tab, check for the following
            1. Fallback to unauthorized network access – This should be unchecked
            2. Remember my credentials – This should be unchecked
            3. On Choose a network authentication method, choose Microsoft Protected EAP(EAP) from the dropdown menu.
  • LAN connection is malfunctioned
  1. The address can no longer be accessed. This means the address has been change. Open the command prompt to know the current IP address. Restart the modem if no IP addresses can be found.
  2. The router has forgotten the device – Reset the modem to reconnect the device. This can be done by using a sharp object and inserting it, holding it for 30 seconds.

What is the solution to fix the IP address errors?

  1. Restart the router
  2. Restart the laptop or the desktop computer
  3. Check if there is internet connectivity from the other device. This can be from a tablet or from a smart phone.
  4. Try to open a different website
  5. Check the connectivity of the WAN cable.
  6. It might be the problem of the Internet Service Provider. To check this
    1. Login to the router
    2. On the system tools section of the router, find the ping tool
    3. Type
    4. Ping it from the router. If it fails then the issue is with the ISP.
    5. There is nothing the user can do about it. He should wait patiently till his ISP fixes the issue.
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