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The Most Relevant Questions To Ask When Buying Insulated Glazing

You may not be familiar with insulated glazing, as this type of window is more popular to its other name, double window. Insulated window has been used for many years because of its many benefits. And having this installed in your home must not be taken lightly.

To help you understand more about this type of window, below are few of the benefits this can bring your room.

  • Improved security

One of the most common reasons why homeowners have this installed is the security it can provide. Especially those that have special locks, this window can give homeowners peace of mind while they are sleeping and if they are away.

  • Energy savings

This type of window will keep the heat inside your home and the coldness out. This being the case, your electric bill will not shoot up during winter as you do not have to turn your furnace up and running all day and night. Furnace is one of the culprits of high electricity bill, having it non-operational for few hours in a day can definitely give a huge reduction on your monthly electric consumption.

  • It can increase the value of your property

Initial cost to install this type of window is quite expensive, but it can be considered as an investment, as this application can give your property a better appearance especially if the window you choose complements the overall look of your house, and all the more if the window is installed to a very high standard.

The Most Relevant Questions To Ask When Buying Insulated Glazing

There are many other factors you must consider when installing this type of windows. Yes, enjoying its benefits and the results must come soon, but that should not make you decide impulsively. It is necessary that you take your time and ask all relevant questions from your installers first before you let them start working on your windows.

If you do not know where to start yet, below are good questions you can ask:

  • What are the types and qualities of windows they offer?

This question must be answered with the types of glass they install and the color of the frames they have available. Some companies offer higher quality windows at a higher cost. Make sure that you ask specific questions about it to get fully satisfied with the outcome you will get.

  • What is the procedure they follow for the installation?

You have to know the process they follow from surveying the location up to the completion of the job. Included in this question is the timeframe as to when they can finish the project.

You are asking for timelines not to rush the project but to provide you with timeframes and expectations. This is a question that must be asked especially for businesses who cannot delay their projects.

  • How long they are in the industry providing insulate glazing installation?

This is another question you need to ask to measure their expertise and knowledge in this field. If they are working in the industry for quite a long time, it is safe to say that they have worked with many kinds of window installation requirements hence working on your window is not as hard for them to accomplish.

Also, the marketing competition in this industry is tight, so if they were able to sustain their business for a long time it means that they are providing excellent and high quality service.

  • Can you provide me with references?

If they are proud of their work, they will provide you with a list of reference immediately. Make sure though that the list they will provide you are customers they worked with a few months ago. As those they have worked years ago may not be as reliable to ask anymore.

Once you get the list of reference, call at least 3 of them. Make sure to let them know the purpose of your call immediately to avoid confusion and threats. Some samples of questions to ask are:

  • Were they able to finish as agreed?
  • Are you happy with the result of their work?
  • Are you getting all the benefits you are supposed to get from the window?
  • Were there issues occur during installation? If there are any, how did they address it?
  • How did they respond to back job (if any)?
  • Is their customer service support team responsive to your inquiries and calls?
  • Did they work within the estimated price they provide?


  • Length/qualifications of the installers they will send to install the windows

Other than the length of time the company is providing window installation, you may also want to know the level of expertise of their installers or at least know how they filter their applicants before hiring.

This is important as the installers can make or break the success of installing the window.

  • What are the payment options they offer?

This is an important question you need to ask before the start of the project. What are the payment options they offer? Do they need full payment before the project starts or you can pay in staggered?

  • Can they provide you with warranty?

What is the warranty included upon your purchase? You have to be very clear with this information as you want to maximize the warranty and do not get disappointed with it. Some information about the warranty you want to know are:

  • Factors that can disqualify you from claiming your warranty
  • The warranty coverage
  • Are parts replacement included in the warranty?

If there are information you do not understand about the warranty claims, make sure that you ask.

As previously discussed, this kind of project must be taken seriously. With the many benefits this can provide, if you failed to hire the right company and ask all the necessary questions, you will not enjoy and maximize them all.

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