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How to choose the right dab rig for you?

Smoking every day is a more versatile activity with more options and resources. Technology has transcended so much in this sense that we already have electronic devices of all kinds as well as a wide range of products on the market that allow us not only to improve the experiences we already knew, but to make them safer. This is exactly what has happened with the dab rigs and the wide variety that we have in the market today.

A dab rig, or also known as oil rig is an instrument designed for the consumption of substances that are usually obtained in highly concentrated presentation. Inhaling this substance through direct burning is generally a highly invasive process for the organism, apart from the fact that, between the roughness of the method and the exposure of the concentrate, part of its flavors can be intermingled in the environment and not be enjoyed in the correct way.

This piece, usually made of glass (borosilicate) is a set of structures that complement each other and give rise to a truly unique piece; a tool that allows you to get the best of the dissolved tannins and the essential substances through water vapor. The way in which these substances evaporate is different; however, the use of water vapor today is highly recommended in comparison.

Among the advantages you can find if you decide to buy a dab rig, you will find:

  • The price range you have available is very high. There are pieces that do not exceed even 40$ and others that exceed thousands. Each of them will provide the user with different experiences and advantages, however, the greatest benefit of having such a wide range of products is that any person is able to experience the sensation of using a dab rig.
  • There are all kinds of shapes, materials and even colors. Undoubtedly, this market has expanded and diversified for the benefit of all. Rigs can vary in the form of its various components (its nail for example), in the thickness of its material (making it more or less resistant) in its size (generating vapors with greater or lesser concentration) and in form (on it will depend how easy or heavy the inhalation results). This means that, in accordance with the title of this article, it is possible to choose the perfect oil rig for you. There is at least one option that fits your needs and tastes, the important thing is that they are very clear to facilitate the purchase and ensure its success.
  • You will live a new experience. If you have not used the first rig of this type, then it is possible that its use scares you a bit and at the same time it seems totally exciting. As described at the beginning, smoking or inhaling any type of substance, concentrated or not, is different in these times. Technology has had such a broad development that even in an apparently simple activity like this there is no place for monotony.

So, which dab rig should you choose?

Well, with a market as varied as this, you know well that the task of choosing is not at all simple. There are a series of elements that you must take into account, most of them related to your own conceptions and objectives regarding the piece.

To begin with, it is essential that you know your budget and know exactly what you want to reach. The prices are truly a range of possibilities and each one of them will present different kindnesses and disadvantages. If your budget exceeds $50 and even the $100 is good to see pieces of medium-range, where you have some kind of guarantee for the material used.

The economic pieces should not be left aside either; if it is your first experience and you want to experiment and learn, it is not bad that you start in this way, but the opposite. In fact, inexpensive pieces could be essential when building your profile as a dab-rigs-user. From there, you can determine a lot of the essential requirements that you will have to identify in a new piece when you decide to buy a higher quality one.

In the same way, the choice of the piece will go hand in hand with its purpose. Do you already know where you will place your dab rig in your house or did you simply decide that it is better to move it where necessary?

If your case is the first, then a large piece, anatomically ornamented, would work well for you. On the other hand, if your intentions are focused on using a piece that to use anywhere, then it is better to look for a smaller and thicker one, with a simpler design if necessary. These places are usually full of people, and considering that this is about pieces of glass, it is important to look for some quite resistant.

The issues related to the size of the piece are not limited to a question of cost and neither of the place where it will be used. There really is a relationship to consider much more important than the previous ones, and it is the concentration of the vapor. A small piece, without a doubt, will provide you with a different experience, with a much more direct and concentrated steam. This is because its volumetric capacity with respect to water is lower, and therefore, the steam has most of the solute in question, which is the concentrate of your preference.

The opposite occurs with the larger pieces, although in them you can control the amount of water placed and graduate the experience you want to have.

The best way to choose is through trial and error. Therefore, choosing is a question rooted in experience.

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