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Things To Make You Have What it Takes to Solve Riddles

When you use difficult riddles, they will be able to sharpen your mind and ensure that new processes are opened in you. If you make it a habit to practice riddles on a daily basis, it is going to help you in being able to simplify thinking, give you great mind retention, and improve your capabilities of cognitive. Even if you are faced with a riddle which is challenging, it is possible for you to solve it if you put some simple techniques into practice.

Know the Basic Types of Riddles

Even when you are faced with difficult riddles, it is important to remember that, there are two types of riddles: conundrums and enigmas. Both of them are placed in such a way that, it is a dialogue between the one who is going to answer the riddle and the one asking.

  • Conundrums:They are normally posed as questions which incorporate puns in the question, the answer or both. An example is: what are the flowers which are found between the chin and the nose: Answer: Two lips or tulips.
  • Enigmas: Enigmas are normally posed as problems were allegorical, metaphorical, or language associated with that is utilized and it requires experience and creativity in order to answer. An example is: if you look at it after dawn, it is an empty garden, but when the sun sets, it is a flower garden. What is it? The answer is the sky.

Understanding the Rules of the Riddles

In most cases, riddles, even when they are difficult riddles, deal with topics which are familiar. They only become difficult due to the way some of the topics are described. In order to direct you to the answer, the riddles tend to be associated with a certain pattern so that you can get the answer. An example is in a popular riddle: thirty white horses on a red hill, they champ first, then they stamp, then they come to a standstill. It is a riddle which uses familiar ideas, the hills and horses to figuratively direct you to the answer, which is, teeth.

Understand that, riddles might trick you

Riddles can misdirect you as far as the logical association is concerned. The answer to the riddle might be so clear that you will dismiss it at first. In this circumstance, the red herrings are a common form of misdirection through the association in the riddle-like what is in the following riddle: A red man lives in a red house, a blue man lives in a blue house, a green man lives in a greenhouse, who lives in the white house? According to the pattern, the automatic answer is, a white man. But remember that, in this riddle, there is the use of the red herring, the USA president lives in the White House and that is the answer to the riddle.

In a traditional African riddle, you can be asked: How do you eat an elephant? The answer to this riddle is one bite at a time. It is an example of a riddle which is hidden in plain sight.

Sharpening your Analytical Skills For Solving Riddles

To do this you will need to:

  • Solve puzzles on a daily basis

When you solve puzzles on a daily basis, you will need to combine new information from the puzzles with what you already know. Just the way riddles are, the puzzles require you to utilize the context clues and the knowledge you have to be able to come up with an answer, which in most cases, is tricky. The puzzles will assist you in being to learn how to recognize order and puzzle.

There are puzzles such as Tetris, which will require you to look at a situation in various ways in order to come up with the best solution you can. If you can transfer this puzzle solving knowledge to solving riddles, it will help you a great deal.

Specific games and puzzles are the best way which can help you in being able to develop some type of skills. If you can concentrate on working on several puzzles, especially the crosswords, you will become very good at them and thus, not learn too much. You will need to mix various types of games, so that, you are challenged and in the process, learn something which will be able to help you in solving riddles.

  • Ensure that you are alternating your brain games on a regular basis

When you repeat a certain task over and over again, you become an expert and your brain will tend to do less work when performing the same. It is important that you keep on alternating the games which you play if you want your brain to be tough and sharp and which in the process, will help you in sorting out riddles.

  • Try reading and summarizing something complex on a regular basis

You can decide that you will be reading a complex novel or article in a magazine or newspaper and then drafting a short summary which brings with it, all the important ideas using few ideas which are key. This is going to help you in being able to look at the bigger picture and also the details when it comes to solving tough riddles. The more you do that, the more you will become sharper when dealing with the riddles.

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