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Things to consider before purchasing a compound bow

When you have decided that good hunting bow is a compound bow, there are factors to consider so that, you don’t end up with the wrong one which will not be able to work for you. If you are unsure of what to look for, here are some of the things:

  • Draw length: You will need to work on the draw length. This is important especially if you want a compound bow which is a good hunting bow due to the fact that, unlike other bow types, compound bow tends to only draw back. The compound bow comes with a draw length which is specified so you need to ensure that it is appropriate and the right one for you. To add to that, the compound bows are shoot when their maximum draw length is achieved and that is the reason you will need to ensure that you get the measurements which are right for your personal use. There are various ways in which you can be able to calculate the draw length so that you are sure that your measurements and research are correct. The maximum draw length calculated to be 29 inches but you have a feeling that you can do with 28 inches, then you should as well opt for the 28 inches one.
  • Draw weight: When picking the best compound bow, you will also have to consider the draw weight which is the force that is needed to be able to pull back the bowstring. Unlike the traditional bow, the compound bow’s draw weight doesn’t get more difficult progressively the further the string is able to be pulled although in most instances, the string might be slightly easier to pull at the end and at the beginning of the draw. The draw weight of a compound bow is calculated the heaviest part of the draw when it demands the most effort from the anchor. To choose the draw weight will depend on what you want from your compound draw. But is normally recommended that you choose the draw weight so that you don’t overtire after just a few seconds. If you are a newbie as far as archery is concerned, you will then have to build up strength in the muscles which are used to draw the arrow, meaning, you will find it more easier to pull with time. Most of the bows normally come with an adjustment of about 10 pounds draw weight meaning, you can increase the weight as you get stronger.
  • Axle to axle length: It is something that you will have to consider when you are making your choice and you will have to take into account the purpose for which your compound bow will be used for. Is it going to be a good hunting bow or will you use it for some other purposes? If your hunting will be in a small space, then you should choose a compound bow which has a shorter axle to axle length given that, you will be using a smaller space.
  • Accessories: Accessories for compound bows are something that you will need to consider. You might find that you prefer a compound bow which comes with quiver bow or one with a bow that can easily attach a quiver to it. A bow quiver is a place for storage for your arrows which you will find on some compound bows. There are some which have a quiver attached to the raiser and it is normally referred to as two piece quiver and in most cases, it is normally specific to the model and brand of the bow. It is important that you look for a compound bow case when you are making your purchase for easier transportation.
  • Bow weight: It is important that you look at the overall bow weight especially if you plan to use the bow for hunting purposes. Both heavier and lighter bows have their pros and cons. With a lighter bow, it will be easier for you to manuveur around while in the woods but due to the fact that it is lighter, it means that it is going to be much noise due to extra vibrations. For heavier bows, they are the opposite of the lighter ones. Though quieter, they tend to be more difficult to move around.

Archery types

  • Target archery: It is the type of archery you will be able to see during Olympic games. It is a familiar game and the most tried out archery type. It can be both outdoor and indoor sport with the archers being able to shoot a set number of arrows into a target. The target are at a set distance on a flat surface.
  • Field archery: It is archery which takes place in uneven terrain or woodlands. There is normally a lot of targets within the course which are of various sizes and at various distances so that the arrows are able to be trapped whether downhill or up the hill as well as flat. It is a game which is similar to golf.
  • 3D archery: Just the way the name hints, archers will need to shoot at targets which are three dimensional. It is an activity which is good especially if you are planning to go hunting but it can be interesting for any type of archer. As a 3D archer, you have the added difficulty of not having distance indicators and thus, the archers have the added difficulty of not having distance indicators and thus, you will need to estimate how far your targets are from you.
  • Traditional archery: You can decide to purchase a good hunting bow to use for traditional archery. It means different things to different people. Some consider it to be archery where the archers have the traditional bow and arrows while other do allow the use of newer equipment but with limits on tuning the equipment light stabilizers and sight.
  • Bowhunting: It is the oldest form of archery. Those who hunt with rifles often enjoy turning their hands to bow hunting due to the fact that, it requires more skills.
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