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Playing Football

How to improve your soccer skills

The modern game of soccer has transcended the days of requiring physicality to dominate a match. Nowadays, players need to possess a number of technical skills to guarantee their team a win against an opponent. If you have been thinking of joining a soccer team or already playing in one, here are five Pro tips on how to get better at soccer.

Kicking the ball

Work on your juggling

Learn to improve the number of times you can juggle the ball. And this has nothing to do with the fancy things you see freestylers do…no, just simple juggling. Make a point of completing 1000 juggles every day. You can use your hand or allow the ball to bounce occasionally to help you get started. Juggling helps to improve your control of the ball and makes your touch smoother. When you are in a game situation, it will be easier for you to control a pass, no matter the level of difficulty, and ensure that you don’t lose the ball unnecessarily.

Goal Keeper

Hit the ball against a wall

Go to any wall you can find and practice shooting the ball against it. Make sure that you repeat this as the ball bounces back to you so that it becomes a cycle. You can up the tempo by increasing the intensity with which you hit the ball and altering the angle at which the ball hits the wall. This may seem like a simple exercise but it actually goes a long way to enhance your passing and ball control abilities. It makes your passing more precise and accurate while improving your agility on the ball. This will ensure that you become a real threat for the opposing team and a valuable asset for your team whenever you go for a soccer tournament.

Ball passing

Practice your turns

There basically six turns that you have to practice: the inside hook, drag back, outside hook, Cruyff, stepover, and stop turn. Practice all these six turns until you master them. You can use props like cones or get a friend to help you out. Ensure you increase the speed of doing these turns gradually as you progressively get the hang of them. Mastering these turns will ensure that you are good at possessing the ball and beating defenders. It will also add some flair to your game and ensure that you are truly playing the “beautiful game” as the Brazilians call it.


Learn some dribbles

There are infinite types of moves you can learn. While some have already been performed and popularized by soccer greats like Maradona, Ronaldinho, and Messi, some come around instinctively during a game. You can try watching old soccer tapes and practice some of the dribbles you see. You don’t have to master all of them; just perfect on three or four moves so that you have a special weapon during a game situation. Ensure that you are able to perform these moves with speed and without necessarily looking at the ball. Remember to also practice them with opposition to see how you will perform in an actual game.

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