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Facts That Every Soccer Lover Should Know

5 facts that every soccer lover should know

Who has never heard of the most popular sport in the world? You may not be the most staunch fan of all, but your shadow is already too long. Soccer has been, for years, more than just a game between teams. It is a new way of life, which has marked a before and after in this society in which we live. Do you want to know more about it?

Read on and discover some interesting curiosities about the history of football.

The match with the most goals

It took place in 2001 and the international teams of Australia and American Samoa faced each other. The final result? More than thirty goals to zero. Quite a feat in the world of sports, which acquired the nickname of the match with the most goals in the history of football.

The first televised meeting

It was April 1937 when British television broadcast a live football match for the first time. It was a friendly match between the starting team and the Arsenal substitute. A historical broadcast that was proof of the success of this sport in the audiovisual medium.

Tragedy on the soccer field

During a match in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a thunderstorm ended the life of eleven players in a single instant. This terrible event took place in October 1998 in the city of Kasai. More than twenty spectators were also injured during the storm.

23 goals in a single game

Who can be able to score this number of goals in the same match? Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who else? The famous Brazilian soccer player achieved a milestone in the sport at just 13 years old. Without the help of any other player, this ball master led his team to victory.

Do you know the city of Lusail?

Surely your answer is negative and it is not surprising, because it is a place that still does not appear on the maps. Despite this, the final of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will take place there in 2022. A project that reflects the wealth and opulence of one of the most ambitious countries on the globe.

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