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How To Fit A Gravel Bike Frame Size

How to Fit a Gravel Bike Frame Size Quick Guideline

Welcome to our latest article about a gravel bike fit and how to measure your gravel bike frame and how to ensure that it fits. So, let’s go start to fix the gravel bike frame.

Measuring Feet

For those of you who might want to be interested in riding a gravel bike, fit for a gravel bike is very different and it requires a very different process and a very different set of tools.

So, I thought what I don’t cover today is how to ensure that your new gravel bike fits you all the gravel bikes that you’re planning to buy will fit you properly.

If you’re in the market for a gravel bike, it’s a very good bike to get and It’s a gravel bike, and most of the gravel bikes are made of steel.

Steel gravel bikes are very comfortable so long as you ensure that they fit correctly. So, let’s go through that particular process.

The first thing you have to ensure is that your shoes. You have to ensure that your shoes fit you properly. that’s best done by, first of all, measuring your foot.

You can use tape to measure your shoe and make sure that your shoe fits your foot.

So here we have discussed details of how to measure a bike frame and today’s topic is a gravel bike.

Measure Wheel Distance

But now you’re saying you need to ensure is that the distance that your wheel and it going to sink into the mud does not exceed a foot or as we say in Europe at 15 centimeters.

So, let’s just focus down a little bit and I think now gain out of the way you see I’m pointing at a wheel and I’m going to measure foot on my trusty tape measure and that’s afoot there.

Now, if your bike goes into the mud for more than a foot, it’s not going to fit properly.

So, measure your wheels from the center of the wheel up to the top of your wheel or assuming your wheels around and the center of the wheel is in the middle, which he sees in most round down items you can measure from the center of the wheel, down to the ground.

And so long as that distance is not greater than a foot, then your gravel bike will be able to go through the mud effectively and their work.

The next thing you need to measure is whether the width of the tires that you’re using is going to be sufficient to get across the different types of gravel that you might have in your locality.

Now, my particular tires are 40, 45 millimeters or 4.5 centimeters, or one and three-quarters inches.

When you find the kind of gravel that you want to ride on, and some of my correspondents have commented on the high quality of the gravel in south Australia in British Columbia in Venezuela, in Scotland will seem to think that I concentrate on the Southeast of England.

That is not true I am aware that there are other places in the world, so you need to go and find your local gravel trail.

Need to take your tape measure with you and you need to measure the width of the normal gravel that you find there.

And so long as that width is less than the width of your tires, then you’ll be able to mind successfully over the ground.

You won’t have any problems the next thing you need to know is the width of the average re-ups that you find either on a bridal way in Southern England, all much that you just find on a farm because of the farm vehicles and attractors and so forth have gone along.

It can be quite deep again when you’re riding along. It’s really helpful. If you take your tape measure with you, and then when you come through a bot that mission.

The width of the rock, but also the depth of what’s really essential because if your gravel bike doesn’t fit either into the mat, width-wise or depth-wise, then you’re going to struggle riding through those months.

Bike Packing

You don’t want them. The next thing you need to check is if you buy a gravel bike is almost certainly because you want to go bike packing and bike packing is a process where you go out, you find a field, preferably muddy preferably with do, and perhaps animal droppings scattered across it.

You can buy them from a wiggle or chain reaction or your local bike shop and it’s called a feces bag. It’s a bit like a dog poo bag.

It’s something that enables you to leave no trace because you put your feces in your toilet paper and so forth in that and then you store it In a frame bag and it’s called a frame bag because it fits in your frame

So, you know, I’m measuring my frame and this is 50 centimeters,30 centimeters. You can do the math so you can translate it into feet and inches. I’ve got time to do all of the work well, you’ve got enough space there, then you can put a frame bag in there, and in your frame, you can put your little bags.

If you’re away for a week and then you’re going to need to make sure you’ve got a big enough frame bag, because you may have quite a lot of work.

That you’ve got to take home with you and when you’re taking it home, you can dispose of it along with the rest of your equipment and your bivy bag and your down sleeping bags.

So that deals with it, the bar bag, it deals with a frame bag. It deals with the depth of the tires and the saddle here.

You need to make sure that it’s a gravel-specific saddle and riding across. It’s very uncomfortable. There are lots of sharp stands so it’s so hard to install the saddle.

It bounces around a lot and it’s quite hard but quite unpleasant on your bottom. So, you need to make sure with your where’s your tape measure that you measure the width of your saddle as long as your saddle is more than six inches in.

Ideally, it has got memory foam that stuff, they make mattresses and pillows out of and if you don’t have memory foam you can use ducks, but you’re going to have to get a lot of ducks to fit them into that saddle and it helps if you remove the beacon, the claws, cause they can be quite sharp.

Putting those ducks in, and then you’ve got a duck down the saddle, and that is not only very comfortable, but if you come across a low bridge or you have to get under a fallen tree branch or something, you’ll be able to duck down and get under that along with your equipment and your various bar bags and so on.

So, the premise for doing a gravel bike fit is very different from a normal bike fit. If you’re going to a bike shop and you say, I want to buy a gravel bike, make sure you’ve got your tape measure with you. Doesn’t have to be a park tool tape measure. It can be any sort of tape measure, but it’s very useful.

If the tape measure that you use has got marked in inches and the inch marks are an inch wide. You don’t want it to be an inch and a half wide or two inches wide because that can be confusing and also that the centimeter scale that is on there is the European centimeter scale.

You don’t want to use some of the other centimeter scales using other countries.

Because that can be confusing and it can mean you end up with a travel bag that doesn’t fit your Poplar.


So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and find the information useful. You can also follow OutdoorXsports that web blog going on lots of biking how to post. I looked at some of those and some of the suggestions and the information they make.

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