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How To Play Soccer Step By Step Guideline

How to play soccer Step by step guideline

Are you thinking of learning how to play soccer? If so, there are a few simple guidelines you need to know. Firstly the basics always help, even if it seems complicated at first. Don’t forget to wear good running shoes since they will protect your feet from hurting and give you a better grip on grass or dirt ground.

Steps to play soccer

  1. Find a suitable place for playing soccer, where there are no obstacles.
  2. Take your running shoes off
  3. Take the ball in your hands’ grip and press it against the ground with half of its weight so that it doesn’t roll away while you are not looking at it.
  4. Outstretch both of your arms to the side with your palms facing down.
  5. Step forward with one foot and crouch at the same time while you are putting your hands on the ground together with that leg that is now behind you. You should create a semi-circle with your back.
  6. Get up by jumping upwards using both feet, which are still on the ground.
  7. Tilt your head backward and look to where you are going while running, not to where you have been.
  8. When you get the ball, don’t hold it with both hands’ grip since that will cause slowed reaction time of what is happening around you, but only one hand should be used for holding.
  9. Don’t run slower if you get the ball, but try to do that faster since it will give your opponent less time to catch up with you.
  10. If you’re going out of the field while dribbling, don’t forget to kick the ball back in behind you or pass it on before someone else does or it will count as a fault.
  11. If you get the ball and it’s very important for you to not let your opponent get it, make use of your entire body since it should be stronger than theirs. Make the trip up by moving the leg closest to their body in front of their legs while taking one step forward with another leg too.
  12. Give the ball back to your opponent if they have just passed it to you unless they are very close to the goal.
  13. Don’t let your opponent get past you by turning sideways while dribbling. Instead, move inwards, which will make them run more since they still want to go around you so that they can pass the ball.
  14. Don’t do any dangerous moves or skills when you think it is not worth it, since they will only get you a yellow warning card and waste the valuable time of your play, but if you need to make such moves for keeping possession of the ball, better do them quickly otherwise your opponent will be able to steal it back.
  15. Don’t play soccer in football shoes that have a metal plate in them since they could cause someone to trip up if their foot gets stuck between the shoe and ground.
  16. You can use any part of your body or head as long as you don’t hurt anyone.
  17. Always look at the ball so that you know where it is.
  18. Don’t let the ball get too close to your goal since that will give your opponent more of a chance in scoring against you if they’re good at it, unlike you are. Your teammate closer to the opponent’s goal should have it instead so he can score or pass it back to you who are in an open space.
  19. Don’t make the ball leave the field by using your hands unless it’s very urgent since that will cause you to lose possession of it and if your opponent gets close enough to the goal, they might even score against you, but if there is no other way out then use one hand’ grip for pushing it over the sideline.
  20. Don’t play soccer if you’re too tired since the game will just be slowed down then and wasting more time is not good.


Soccer is a team sport that requires skill and knowledge of the rules in order to play it properly. Try out some friendlies or sign up for a soccer league near you so that you can get into the game more easily.

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