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Badminton Racket Which Is The Best In 2022

Badminton racket: Which is the best in 2022?

Badminton, although it may seem strange to many, is the sixth most practiced sport in the world. It is largely due to its great implantation in Asia, the continent in which it has its origin, specifically in India. At the end of the 19th century, when this country was under British rule, some officials discovered the game and brought it to England.

From there it spread to the rest of the Western world, although it was not until the Barcelona Olympics (1992) that it was considered an Olympic sport. One of its peculiarities is that it is played with a steering wheel or feather, which acts as a ball. But the main tool is the racket. And we are going to dedicate this article to her.

The Most Important

Best racket

The choice of the racket will determine the performance that each player can get from their game.

Although specific characteristics that the racket must have for each type of player can be applied, it is advisable to test to find the tool that best suits our style and way of playing.

In the purchase criteria, we will see the key aspects when purchasing a racket, such as weight, materials, support, or string.

The Best Badminton Rackets: Our Recommendations

The market offers a large number of badminton racket models. From rackets to enjoy in our leisure time to the highest quality for high-level players, through initiation items or those that help improve the game of those who are in a period of sporting growth. Let’s analyze some of the most interesting rackets:

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Badminton Rackets

To get to know badminton rackets better, we are going to answer a series of questions. The more information we have about the product we want to acquire, the less risk we will run when buying an item that is going to be essential for the development of this sporting activity, especially if what we want is to improve our game and compete at to good level.

What Is A Badminton Racket?

The racket is a sports instrument made up of a frame with an open ring and covered by a net. It is the main part, with which the ball is hit or, in the case of badminton, the shuttlecock. Originally it was made of wood. Later, it was made of steel or aluminum, to now be composed of carbon fiber.

Badminton rackets are lighter than those of other sports such as tennis. There is a wide variety of models, although the size and shapes are limited by regulations. The traditional oval head shape is still used, although the use of isometric-shaped heads is increasing.

Why Is Badminton Racket Balance Relevant?

Balance is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a racket. It refers to the weight distribution along with the racket frame, which is calculated in millimeters after measuring the distance from the center of the shaft to its end. Depending on the player and his style of play, it will depend on whether he feels comfortable with a type of balance.

The balance in the head provides more power and is suitable for offensive play, although it requires more effort. The neutral balance is more versatile, combining power and maneuverability. It is suitable for all types of games. Lastly, the handle balance offers more control and is recommended for defensive players.

Which Badminton Racket Is Best Suited To Your Style Of Play?

Badminton rackets have different characteristics depending on the manufacturing materials, the weight, the parts it is made of, and several other details that we will learn about throughout this article. These peculiarities make them more suitable for one or another type of game. Here’s what’s best for each style:

Defensive game: It is practiced by tactical players who try to pull the rival to provoke their mistakes. They need a flexible, lightweight racket with a neutral balance that offers a good mix of power, speed, and accuracy.

Attack game: This style requires a more rigid racket, which provides maximum precision and power since it must try to complicate or nullify the opponent’s response.

Counterattack game: It is about combining both styles, defending and attacking alternately. You need a racket that favors the speed of movement, is semi-stiff, and with a neutral balance.

Versatile game: A style within the reach of high-level players, with great technical and tactical quality, which allows them to vary their game according to the circumstances. The racket should be semi-stiff and highly balanced, with characteristics that favor various stroke forms, power, speed, and accuracy.

Which Badminton Racket Is Best For Your Level?

A high-end one is only suitable for a high-level player, experienced and knowledgeable about his style of play. If he is defensive, he will bet on a flexible, light shovel with a balance on the handle. If you are looking for more attacks, you will opt for more rigidity, a few more grams of weight, and balance in the head. You can also combine features for versatile play.

The athlete who is starting or looking for his style of play can opt for a racket with an asymmetrical head to have more control in hitting. As it evolves, it could point to a blade that offers more power. As for people who only want to use it for leisure, it is best to buy the cheapest racket because they will not notice the differences.

How Many Parts Do Badminton Rackets Have?

There are three types of badminton rackets according to the parts they are divided into. We have a one-piece, two-piece and three-piece blades. Each of them brings together a series of characteristics that are better suited to a class of players and a style of play. Next, we are going to know the differences between them:

Three pieces: It is made up of the head, the rod, and the handle. They are unsuitable rackets for competition. They have more weight, are more rigid, and are less stable and you have to exert more force in the hit so that the steering wheel acquires greater speed.

Two pieces: The rod runs through the head and trunk. This union of both elements is attached to the piece that forms the handle. It has medium flexibility and is suitable for players who use it a lot.

One piece: These rackets are what professional players use. It is a single rod that goes from the head to the handle, where it widens, passing through the trunk. They are very flexible, with better grip and low vibrations. It also decreases the chances of breakage.

What Maintenance Do Badminton Rackets Need?

Badminton rackets do not need great care if they are used correctly, although it is essential that we carry out the minimum attention that it requires with discipline. Simply, we must protect them from moisture. To do this, dry them with a towel after using them and store them in the bag or racket bag, away from damp areas.

On the other hand, depending on the use we give to the racket, we must be aware of the strings from time to time. Their wear is greater the finer they are, so high-level players, who use this type of string and play very frequently, usually change it every month. Beginners, generally with thick strings, enjoy more durability.

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